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in texas. >> plus an iconic symbol removed. the statute of joe paterno comes down. how his family responded. >> also accusations of a cover up regarding the damage fukushima power plant in japan. what workers there were allegedly told to do after the earthquake and [ molly ] wash your paws, mr. man! [ female announcer ] think your kids are getting a dependable clean -in the bathroom? -[ gasps ] [ female announcer ] think again. try charmin ultra strong. for a clean that passes inspection with fewer pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable versus the ultra rippled brand so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. now who's the man? you both are. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >>> workers today removed the 7- foot tall bronze statute of football coach joe paterno outside penn state's football stadium. the university's president said he ordered the statute removed because it has become a source of division and would be quote a recurring wound to victims of child abuse had it remained.
that program was adopted. it originated in texas back in 19 # 6 after the disappearance of 9-year-old amber hag man. time for us to get a check on our weather. >> finally getting a little bit of relief for those hottest spots. low 90s for some of our locations like hasn't i don't ante okay. and this is going to continue. a breeze blowing in some places. nap a and concord reporting the greatest gradient from just 24 hours ago. that westerly breeze still 24 miles per hour, a southerly wind at napa has calmed down a bit. we have got our numbers slipping back into the 60s in some cases. 68 in concord and areas right around the north bay, 54 napa, mid-60s in and around oakland as well as san francisco. a look at your satellite and radar. we had a thunderstorm all up and down parts of the central valley in the overnight hours. 400 strikes per hour at times. this monsoonal moisture pulling in as a low moves across the bay area hoping to bring that for outside here at home. it really kicked up the breeze and brought our temperatures down by several degrees. the next system to continue that will be this
. the cities of denver and dallas, texas will also be getting satellite patent offices but there's no word yet which city the silican valley office might open here. patti lee, ktvu news. >>> people up the mississippi valley, 91 in chicago, 105 in atlanta, they're all dealing with record breaking heat on top of a deadly storm. 2.5million customers right now are still without electricity and you know what that means no air-conditioning, no fans. let's take a look at what's going on in baltimore right now. this is how people are trying to stay cool. ice is being distributed to several areas that still don't have power. it's the only way some people can stay cool right now. the city of baltimore has extended a red code heat alert until tuesday. let's look at what's going on. the massive storm has caused damage from indiana to the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: big smiles for a small simplicity. there were smiles for an ice give away in virginia. and that brought many like sahri bonet. >> there's no ice around here nowhere, we went to like two supermarkets and there's no ice. >> reporter: several
.com. >> and click best of rtm. >>> i'm surprised the suspects got away with it so far. >> this is in san juan, texas, which is right on the u.s./mexico border. this guy drove up to a car wash after 10:00 at night but he was up to no good, according to police. they say the man tried to rob the vending machine. >> he was there for about 20, 30 minutes scoping out the place. he got the courage to hook up the chain on the burglar bars. >> he even hooked a chain up to the vending machine, but then another car came. so he took off. he unhooked the chain and he left. but then he came back and he tried it again. look what he does. he pulls off the security gate, but he's not done. >> wait. >> he's yanking things one by one. >> yeah, he yanks them off and he gets away with thousands of dollars. >> this must be where you pay for your car wash, because there's no way there's thousands of dollars in a machine that has snickers and m & ms. >> right. >>> here's something you really do not see every day. this is in indonesia at a resort and that is a cat. what you've never seen before is the cat -- >> being that n
this freeway in texas. look at the exit. the traffic on it. the cars on it are basically at a stand still. look at what happens next. >> whoa! >> whoa, whoa! >> what the heck? >> that was a bus. >> that was a bus. >> holy cow. >> that was a dallas area rapid transit van that just rammed into several cars at the exit. >> oh, man. don't tell me this driver was like texting or something like this. >> this crash is under investigation. there were no passengers in the bus, but two people did have to be taken to the hospital. >> is it me or do i not see any brake lights at all? >> no, you don't. the thing is, is that this is a dallas transit van. you'd think they'd have more responsibility when driving a city car. >> if you're paying attention, he would have seen how many cars were backed up and stopped, because they weren't even moving. >> gee, that's terrible. think about it. you're already sitting in standstill traffic in an off-ramp and then this happens. >> the driver is currently on administrative leave. >>> you all probably remember this video. it's incredibly difficult to watch. i brought it
caught on police dash cam. this from texas. up ahead, you see a car suddenly veer into oncoming traffic and smash. that crash sent three people to the hospital, two in serious condition. police believe that this was intentional. they were chasing james christopher gilbeau. they say he veered into that car and caused that accident. >> what would be the point of that if police are chasing him? >> they initially tried to pull him over on a routine traffic stop. that's when he and a passenger took off. they believe now that the passenger in the car could have been a kidnap victim. during the chase, police say that he was throwing things out of the car. later they found out it was narcotics that he was throwing. the charges that he's currently facing are tampering with evidence for throwing the drugs out of the car, possession of a controlled substance, and evading arrest. >> what about vehicular manslaughter? >> police are working with the d.a. to try and up the charges because of exactly what you said. if it's true that he veered into that other car, he could be facing additional charges.
in chicago, they could just walk and meet in texas. >> maybe he was kicked out of his house in the middle of the night by his girlfriend/wife and he had nothing. >> this is the true walk of shame right now. >> or is it? nothing to be ashamed about. >> oh, my god. >>> a big lesson for all of you potential thieves out there watching the countdown. it's all in number eight. >> hers a noteo all future mb crinals. n't y attempted robbery. this was in brandon, mississippi. this is surveillance video obtained by wldt. we see 22-year-old roy mitchell walking into dee's one-stop convenience store about 11:30 a.m. grabs a bag of doritos, tosses them on the counter. gives the cashier two bucks. as the cashier opens the drawer to give him change, he pulls out a gun and demands her to empty the register. keep watching. see who's walking in in the orange shirt? that's roy mitchell's mom. i guess they were in the car together. she comes in and says, oh, son, put the gun down. but mom, mom, seriously, i was going to rob this lady. and then began pleading with the cashier not to call the cops and telling
boy's club in houston, texas. >> do you want to fight, yes or no? >> no, i'm in the going to fight. >> pow! >> whoa. >> that's an assault right there. >> oh, no. >> oh! >> i always wanted to see the locker room of a strip club, but not like this. >> these ladies of entertainment are getting attention for not their moves on stage but their moves behind the scenes. >> get up! >> [ bleep ]! >> i mean, she gave her the opportunity to take the boots off, but then still went at her. >> which his a risk. now the girl has the boots she could use as a weapon. >> she does take the boots off and the fight continues. >> oh, boy! it is a strip club. >> they're used to this, obviously. >> this is what they get for $1 million? that's what they're paying for? >> no one is paying to see this because they're in the locker room. we're getting to see it because someone was there filming it. >> that's the big question. why is someone filming in the locker room? >> the deejay is basically encouraging the fighting. police are investigating this incident now that they've seen the video. that deejay has re
of some scary surveillance video for you guys. the first is from houston, texas, as a convenience store. we see two suspects talking to 43-year-old clerk mutaza. they jump through the manager's window, follow this guy to the manager's office where they order him to open the safe. then they shot the guy through his arm and into his stomach. e clerk was able to tual left. he was taken to a hospital where he will make a full recovery. >> well, it's a good thing they were dumb criminals. number one, they didn't pay attention to the fact there were cameras everywhere, and number two they put their fingerprints everywhere so there's proof in the pudding as to who was responsible. >>> two guys bust into the palms internet cafe in florida. one of them has a gun, another one has a bat. you'll never believe who comes to the rescue. a patron at the internet cafe, samuel williams, all 71 years of him, starts shooting at both of these guys. you see them running. he shot both of them. they trip over each other on the way out. samuel williams will obviously not face charges. he did have a permit to ca
in austin texas. >>> there are reports that accused gunman james holmes accept a notebook -- sent a notebook to a psychiatrist in which he describes killing people. some say that notebook was found in the mail room. say holmes told police to look for it. it's unknown how long that book had been in the mail room. >>> san francisco mayor signed a new budget today and is good for the next two years. it is the first time san francisco has instituted a 2 year budget, include police and fire department hiring. there's word of a modest raise for city employees along with spending on neighborhood improvement. >>> apple's earnings weighed heavy on the nasdaq today. the dow industrial broke its 3 day losing streak and gained thanks in part to the solid earnings from boeing and cat caterpillar. >>> shares of san francisco after hours trading following a huge miss on earnings. reported earnings of one cent a share instead of the anticipated 6 cents a share. the stocks tumbled nearly 40%. was due to a more challenging gaming environment on the facebook platform. >>> 5 drownings so far this summer in san
. >>> and in san antonio, texas, friends and family remembered 24-year-old jessica ghawi. just last month she had avoid being injured in a toronto mall shooting that left one person there dead. following that shooting ghawi wrote iraq i was reminded we don't know when our where our time on earth will end, when or where we'll breathe our last breath." starting tomorrow flags will be returned. >>> and remembering the victims coming up in ten minutes how an idea by two people the bay area led to funds being raised for the colorado victims. >>> how fires in russia are sending smoke to the west coast. . >>> and down in goes, a bit of the history in new york comes crumbling to the ground. . >>> also a new u.s. navy ship is christened today. . >>> a bit of history turns to rubble in upstate new york. this demolition of the 19-story atanne's heritage tower in irondequoit near rochester. officials plan to turn the land into a parking lot for a nearby hospital complex. >>> the worst drought in decades has left crops dying. agricultural officials say crop yields in the largest producing states will be much
, out of the blue, detectives got a call from austin, texas. >> and my lieutenant walked into the office and said, okay. and i said what? she said, austin pd just called our fugitives unit. we might have him in austin, texas. i said, what? >> reporter: travis had borrowed a car from an old girlfriend in colorado. when he did not return it, she filed a report. which might not have led to anything at all, but a town in austin with a little time on his hands checked out the license plate, first the report for the missing car and then travis forbes. >> so my lieutenant said, grab your search warrant for his dna and head to texas. so i hop a plane that night. >> reporter: a few hours later, gerlai was face to face with travis forbes again. >> you know what, they sent me to texas because they think you're running to mexico. >> i'm not going to mexico. >> he would call me nash, i would call him trap. it was similar to you and i just talking. i wasn't confrontational with him. if he asked me a question, i gave him an honest answer. >> you didn't come all this way. >> actually, i did. >> reporter
news. >>> the oakland a's scored a win in dramatic fashion this afternoon against the rival texas rangers. >> hits to the right center, on the run is gentry, and that baby is gone! ball game. >> reporter: with. >> with the game tied 3-3, brandon hicks had a walk off home run and the first home run of his major league career. he's the fourth player in franchise history by to end the game by hitting his first long ball. >>> distinguished members of one police force. >> everybody loves them. >> the honor bestowed today to the animal they call the leader of the herd. >> meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking thunderstorms just to the south of us. he'll check the radar to find out if it's heading our way. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh. are always on the move. so they can't get to the bank to deposit a check. instead, they use citibank mobile c
of the division the angels are trying to make a run at texas. albert pujols has found his strike. the angels lead the major leagues with 13 shut outs and are four games back of the rangers. >>> the all star break seems to be coming at the right spot for the giants. what to do about tim lincecum is at the top of the list. lin sue -- lincecum did not make it past the third. this becomes immediately a 2-0 hole. more of the same in the third, this time it's neil walker putting one at just the same place. aj burnett didn't look vulnerable at all in the mound. wasn't bad at the plate either. burnett in the four, trickles one in the middle. and that would be it for lincecum. another case for why the giants need a break. 5th inning, two outs all pablo sandoval has to do is go to first and the final is over. then he gets involved with mcgee running at second and third, they don't get anybody. garrett jones comes home, and 10-1 pirates before the giants ever got on the board. they lose 13-2. lincecum is now 3-10 with a 362 earned run average. >>> goldsmith had this big hit. >>> when it comes to history som
west by a half game. >>> at the top of the division runs hard to come by in texas. the rangers with nelson cruz at third and one out against the white sox. gavin floyd throws to third to get michael young. but adam dunn breaks away. no error was charged on the play as young was credited with an rbi. they up their lead over the second place athletics to 4-1/2 game. >>> training camp going full blast for the 49ers in santa clara. today coach harbaugh took exception with some comments that had been written about a.j. jenkins. the rookie had been credited by some as being a disappointment. this was one of those days. >> for those you know describes, pundints so called experts who have gone to say he's going to be a bust, just stop. recommend that because they're making themselves look more clueless than they already did. go on record, aj is going to be outstanding football player. you can track some of these names so called experts who are making these comments and there's going to be an i told you so. and i forsee that happening. >> i can't tell you what to do. if you want to keep
that some claim can cause excruciating pain if they're not applied correctly. texas used a single drug to kill someone yesterday and is one of five states doing so and georgia may be next. >> all the states that are studying this are finding that the one drug is the more humane way to deal with this punishment that the people from california has said is appropriate. >> reporter: all of this might be moot if the people of california pass a law to abolish the death penalty. >>> in april 2011 bonds was found guilty of one count in his trial that stemmeded from the steroids scandal. the home run record holder is appealing his conviction that cases before a three judge panel. so far though oral arguments have not been scheduled. >>> for fall out from the penn state scandal. the high ranking official who resigned today amidst the controversy. >> the bay area microclimates making a come back. the tahoe travel forecast and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. >> a first [voice of alicia key over 1000 babies are born every day with hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but th
today campaigned in texas a vote that hasn't voted democratic since 1976. and he suggested the state may not be a red state any longer. >>> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke warned congress the economy will worsen if congress doesn't act by the end of the year on the budget. >> the development of a credible median plan should be a high priority. at the same time fiscal decisions should take into account the frugility of economy. >> a new rescission could mean 4 million less jobs next year. the feds could take steps to help the economy but didn't say exactly what it might do. >>> stocks waivered tonight as investors watched bernanke's report. >>> a plea tonight from the mother of a 20-year-old from vacaville who was just taken off life support. she is asking for anyone who has information about her son to please come forward. >> you have to be accountable. so that this doesn't happen to anybody else. >> reporter: as we reported last night at 10:00, tyler grande was beaten unconscious on july 4th and never woke up. he was removed from life support on sunday. his organs will now be dona
yet. >> reporter: will lynch emerged today from his two week trial texas riumphant. lynch was accused of beating lynch. court photos show the lynch family's relief. not guilty of elder abuse. jurors dead locked on a misdemeanor dead locked. we asked lynch if he was expecting that result. >> honestly, no. i was expecting to go to jail. i was very surprised. pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: lynch still wants lidner for perjury. >> i just hope he realized he's done and there's no way that guy can hide now. >> reporter: prosecutor jeff rosen has some words. >> this is about lynch and revenge outside of the court. >> i feel like i can probably have some peace and get on with my life. >> reporter: one last legal issue remains the district attorney's officer has one week to decide whether he wants to retry lynch on the lesser assault charge. rosen says his office is considering it. >>> new details tonight in a shocking story of neglect. authorities describe horrible treatment of mentally disabled adult at a nonlicensed care home. matt keller may have learned more victims who may not have b
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